needle felted tassel




Project kit list

  • x3 different sized heart shape cookie cutters
  • x 3 different wool colours (wool suitable for needle felting)
  • special felting needle 
  • foam pad
  • suitable wool/cotton to make tassel
  • needle with an eye large enough to thread the wool/cotton

Project kit

Suppliers I love to use




1. Place the largest heart cutter on top of your foam pad and generously fill with your chosen wool (see my suppliers list for details). Using a specialist felting needle repeatedly prod the wool inside the cutter moving the needle around as you prod to ensure the entire heart shape is felted. 

2. Turn the shape over after about 10 seconds and prod the other side. Turning the shape over every 10 seconds or so is important to keep the heart evenly felted and to stop it felting to your foam pad! Being careful of fingers make sure you prod around the edge of the cutter, this will help to define the shape.
3. As your heart begins to felt together decide if you need to add more wool to the shape, I like my hearts to be about 1cm thick once firm.
4. Once you are happy with the thickness of your heart I like to gently lift the shape part way out of the cutter and felt around the edge. Again repeat for the other side.
5. Once happy with the general shape take it out of the cutter and refine the shape adding a little extra wool to the centre of each side (this plumps the heart out nicely)
6. Repeat the above for the other two heart shape cutters.

7. Make a simple tassel by wrapping a wool/yarn around a piece of card 8cm x 8cm about 30 times (depending of the wool/yarn you are using).
8. Thread a piece of the wool between the card and wool and tie it in a knot at the top.
9. Cut through the wool at the other end using a pair of good sharp scissors!

Turn the tassel upside down to hide the knot inside the tassel. Tie another piece of wool around the tassel about 2cm down from the top knot and another one a further 1.5cm down.

11. Take a long length of wool and a needle with a large eye. Thread it through the loop at the top of the tassel and tie a double knot to secure. Thread the wool through the 3 hearts leaving a little space between the three create a loop at the top and tie a double knot to secure at the top of the large heart cut. Hide the loose end by laying it over the heart and needle felting a little wool over the top. Took the other loose end into the top of the tassel.

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